Dance Cry Dance is an artist collective based in Seattle, WA.

Founded in July 2021, Dance Cry Dance owns and operates a boutique record label with a small roster of emerging indie rock, pop, dreampop, electronic, bedroom pop, and alt folk artists and an audio magazine podcast - The Dance Cry Dance Break - that features flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and prose poetry alongside music from independent artists.

Dance Cry Dance Break Staff:

Natalie Bayne - Creative Director, Producer

Timaree Marston - Story Editor

Moe Provencher - Host, Audio Engineer, Audio Editor


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We are currently accepting submissions from both artists and from writers.

Writer Submission Guidelines

Audio Magazine - Standard Episode

We are currently open for submissions of unpublished flash fiction, flash creative nonfiction, and prose poetry to feature alongside singles and short EPs from our musical artists for episodes of The Dance Cry Dance Break audio magazine. You may submit up to 3 pieces. Submissions should be between 4 and 8 minutes spoken, roughly 800-1,500 words. We are a little flexible on the finished length. It’s more about content and good storytelling than word count. Each selected piece will be recorded, spoken, and presented beside the chosen music on a standalone episode of The Break. Please listen to examples at the link above.

We are open to different themes and subject matter but you’ll have a better chance of being selected if your work is a good match for the music we are releasing. While our artists write songs about a number of themes, some topics in the style of music we release (and popular music in general) tend to include: youth, growing up, first love, heartbreak, betrayal, friendships, anxiety, depression, death and loss, existential angst, fear of massive societal collapse, to name a few! We also have a few special episodes planned so are happy to receive spooky Halloween stories, winter holiday stories, Mother’s Day stories, etc.

We look forward to submissions from any and all writers, but it helps if you enjoy indie music. You can peruse a sampling of our releases on our instagram. Upon acceptance of a piece, the author will be given the opportunity to hear and approve or decline the song that’s been selected as a match. Since each episode is short and intimate and the two works overlap, we want both artists and writers to be comfortable with the material they’ve been paired with. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please contact us for withdrawal as soon as possible if you accept a placement elsewhere.


Standard Episode: $50 + 1 point profit share of subscription revenue of release cycle.

Audio Magazine - Extended Commissioned Episode

We are also open for submissions of previously published work from experienced writers who are interested in creating a commissioned piece of short fiction, creative nonfiction, or prose poetry inspired by a longer musical release (album or long EP). For these extended episodes, the writer should be prepared to work with our editor and the musical artist to create a more collaborative piece of work that will then be presented alongside the album with a moderated conversation between writer and artist about the creative process. Extended episodes (private link to paywalled episode provided upon request) are made available exclusively to paid subscribers of The Dance Cry Dance Break audio magazine for the period of one year before they are released to the general public. Writers must submit 2 -3 links to published work to be considered for commission. Submissions may be any genre with fewer than 7,000 words.


Extended Commissioned Episode: $250 + 1 point profit share of subscription revenue of release cycle.

Response time:

We will do our best to respond to your submission within 30 days.

To submit work for consideration, please complete the form at the link in the title above. (Note: If you are interested in reading your own story , please include a link to a short audio clip of your voice reading the first paragraph of one of your submission stories. Nothing professional, a phone app recording is fine. Willingness or ability to read/record will not affect the selection process. Commissioned writers, though not required to read their own piece, will need to be comfortable speaking in the recorded interview that is an integral part of extended episodes.)

We look forward to reading your work!

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Dance Cry Dance
Artist collective in Seattle, WA, with an audio magazine podcast featuring stories by indie writers inspired by the songs of indie musicians.